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pitch decks

$ 200

A pitch deck is a visual presentation of your story or project. In a nutshell, a powerpoint version of a treatment. It allows you to have an aesthetically impactful representation of your story that's built to sell and generate interest.

The purpose of a pitch deck is to pitch or share your project to a production company, producer, director, or anyone you like, based on your goals (finding funding, getting optioned, gaining interest from a director you want to attach).

It's always a good thing to have in your arsenal, especially for those who want an idea of what your story is, but have no time to read the script. 

look books

$ 150

Similar to a pitch deck, a look book is a visual tool designed to transform your ideas into a tangible product. Here's where your artistic vision can shine!  

The main difference between a pitch deck and a look book is the amount of written content.  When done right, it allows who you share it with to understand the style, nature, feel, and purpose of your project. 

While look books can be used for a variety of purposes, such as fashion and photography, Screenslay specializes on look books for shorts, features, and TV series. 

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